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What do we do for you?

As soon as we get your enquiry, the first thing we´ll do is to arrange a face to face interview directly at our office or, in case you are not in based in Malaga, through a video- conference. This chat´s aim is to get to know the kind of wedding you imagined so we can be aware of the kind of help we can offer and what your requirements are. Afterwards, we´ll build a tailor-made quotation for you.

What do we offer?

Each wedding takes an important planning, creative, design and coordination work. We will work together with you in order to achieve your dream wedding. Capturing your way of being and reflecting it in your chosen venue is what really makes your wedding unique.

Our service is not about a closed package. Our services are thought to adapt themselves to your real needs. We don´t believe there are two similar weddings, the same way we don´t believe there are two similar couples.

What our couples tell about their MH experience…

wedding planner in Spain testimonial Maria José's testimonial“My experience with Marian Herrero eventos, it was a friend-family agreement more than a business – client agreement, I´ve always felt loved and supported by them in every way. There was no need to think things twice thanks to our mutual confidence and complicity.

We found real professionals in MH eventos. Every idea that came out from your mind, they would turn it into a reality.

I would highlight the impressive knowhow they showed about every related element: ceremony, catering service, details, decoration, music…

I couldn´t say anything wrong, I´d be lying. I have celebrated my Silver Wedding with them and I really hope to reach my Goldens so I can do it again, of course with them; David and Marian, thank you for making my dreams come true.”

Mª José Fuentes

wedding planner in Spain monica's testimonial“I met Marian Herrero Eventos in a business convention. They helped me organizing a meal and an excursion for 350 people, I felt their nearness, affection and their great professionalism right from the start, so when I started planning my wedding and realized that I needed some little (or let´s better say a huge help…), I couldn´t do anything but thinking about them.

When I first called them, I was afraid of appearing like I wasn´t able to plan my own wedding…Marian and David´s voice at the background helped me realize that that was the best thing I could do, and the funniest thing about it was that she didn´t even tried to convince me! She just calmed me down and gave me a million ideas which seemed to come out from my own head but that somehow I wasn´t been able to listen to by myself.

During those planning months they were absolutely caring, not only about the wedding arrangements, shopping, ideas, DIY, the dress making….but also about how were we doing personally.

The wedding day, NOTHING COULD HAVE GONE BETTER, they took care of every little detail, everything resulted as we had imagined, or even better. They made our dream come true.

Today we are so proud to call them our friends, because when people like Marian and David appear in your path, you better don´t let them go.”

Mónica Rodríguez