Architects of your Illusions

We´ll develop the full organization of your big day together with you. Catching the ideas you already have in mind about the kind of wedding you are looking for and considering your budget, we´ll give you advise and as many suggestions as you may need in order to find the one that really fits you.

Trust and complicity

Hiring MH Eventos is knowing that everything is going to be fine. You will count on a great team of professionals fully available for you. We´ll live your event with the greatest illusion and complicity. Our goal is to turn your dream wedding into a reality.

By your side

Either if you are looking for a big event or a small one and no matter where you are or where you would like to celebrate it. We will be by your side every time you need us. We will be your tranquility.


You are the main character

There are lots of stressful moments while planning a wedding: searching for the right venue, choosing the food, the clothes, the wedding invitations, the music… and many other. Don´t let these decisions affect you and ruin the moment you are living.

You are getting married!

Your closest relatives and friends are coming. This must be your day, a moment to enjoy. We´ll take care of everything else.