We traveled to Rincón de la Victoria to get to know Vicente, Vito’s dad, a child with such loving big eyes and who was about to turn 5.  At the meeting, he talked about Vito´s predilection for Spiderman and told us he would like to have that theme for the whole event.


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As we launched to him our ideas and proposals for Vito´s Birthday, one could notice how he was getting more and more excited,  almost even more than little Vito himself: “I want him to remember this birthday forever”,  and to make this wish come true, we started doing our job.

As a funny anecdote (and we can use the word “funny” now that we see it through perspective), we would like to mention that just a few days before the event date, Vito, the main character, decided that his birthday´s theme should be “Stars Wars” and that all the evil villains should be in the cake…so we had to change the whole plan, leave the Spiderman jumping castle and start the jedis search like mad. There is no challenge stopping us, and here you have the results.

The kids had a great entertainment plan and adults had the opportunity to enjoy a fantastic birthday party in a very special house with wonderful views.