Jarrillo Lata

Music video “Nada tan sincero”

And May came with a pleasant surprise for us, our dear friend Roberto Cano asked us for assistance in the decoration and design of a wedding for a music video by one of the most important groups in the current Malaga musical scene: Jarrillo Lata. After getting his call and the script, we looked at each other and said: “Of course, yes!!!”


Planning & Design

Marián Herrero Eventos


Jarrillo Lata


"Nada tan sincero"

Directed by

Roberto Cano

Produced by

Carmen Escalante


That´s how we commenced searching for spaces, ideas, decorative items and decided to set it in tropical wedding in the Malaga bay.

The video was filmed in a house with impressive views over the city of Malaga and to be honest, the results were simply amazing.  It was certainly an unforgettable day for us, watch here the music video and check it by yourself!!