For a perfect event

Ephemeral architecture

events services in Spain ephemeral architecture

We develop the design, the production and the set ups in any kind of format. We´ll customize your event with ephemeral decorative elements to amaze your guests.

Full tailor-made service

We´ll be by your side throughout the entire process: design, advice, production and set up.


We´ll design your idea and adapt it to the event´s site.


Relax, we´ll take care of it.

Conferences, conventions and shareholders meetings management

events services in Spain conferences

We´ll come up with the most suitable option according to your budget, so your event gets the best results.

We´ll take care of:

  • Finding the most suitable venue.
  • Reservation of hotel, rooms, conference rooms.
  • Catering.
  • Selection of hostess and assistant staff.Group transfer and transportation.
  • Merchandising.
  • Activities and workshops for the guests.
  • Performances.
  • Galas and closing dinners´ management.

Planning and coordination

Budget development, spaces location and travel, stays and catering management.

Technical Support

Congress image development, inscriptions form, database management, e-mailing services.

Scientific Secretariat

Management of speakers, moderators and guests.


events services in Spain entertainment

We´ll manage any kind of entertainment for your event, music bands, wizards, stand ups, speakers, artists in different areas, t.v. hosts…

We will be by your side in order to get the right selection for you to turn each moment into a success

Live Music

What do you feel like listening?
We´ve got it.


We offer the best pyrotechnics professionals.


Cuddles, Drag Queens, Imitators, Wizards, Illusionists,…

Déco and atmosphere creation service

events services in Spain decoration

We offer a tailor-made consulting service; we create unique spaces in which colors, textures, lights, sound and image merge together getting an extremely unique harmony effect.

Unique spaces

Our entire imagination and creativity at your demand.


Our creative team will take care of the design and selection of the decorative elements for your event.

Customizing Spaces

Adapt the spaces accordingly to your event´s theme.

Design and creativity

events services in Spain design and creativity

Our aim is to offer brand new ideas to your business. By expressing its personality we´ll achieve to capture your guests´ attention. We offer full service: since the initial idea till the project execution. For such purpose, we offer you a wide professional team including designers, layout designers, printer, sign makers, illustrators, etc.

Corporate image

We communicate and reflect your Company personality catching your target´s eye.

Web development

Web design adapted to any device.


We customize any kind of photocalls according to the client´s requirements.

Launch of products, opening and fairs

events services in Spain launch of product

We´ll develop a timing/playlist so everything is under control, music, the staging, the lights and the human team. Everything will be coordinated and we will turn the chosen site into the perfect stage to achieve the event´s success.

Customized advice

You´ll have our personalized advice from minute one.

Viral Spread of your Event

We´ll get as much spread as possible for your event through Facebook, Twitter or any other social network campaigns.

Road shows

We´ll spread your product in different geographical areas.

Audiovisual production

events services in Spain audiovisual production

We´ll develop for your events those audio-visual contents you have in mind, we´ll take care of your Project at all stages, from the pre-production till the final edition.

Once finished, we´ll hand you all the material in various formats.

Artistic Direction

Our art team will be in charge of writing the script, creating the best sites and finding the most unique and stunning approach.

Technical Direction

You will always count on our technical team for assistance.

Sound and Light systems

We´ll create the best conditions to turn the production into an absolute success.

Graphic Production

events services in Spain graphique production

We offer the most advanced printing choices, such as flyers, displays, vinyls, invitations, letterings, flags, banners, advertising hoardings, signage and labeling, photo calls, totems…. Furthermore we can also print on rigid or flexible materials.

Small format printing

Business cards, brochure, flyers, invitations.

Large format printing

Vynils, banners, posters, placards, flags, …

Labeling and signaling

Displays, light boxes, cannel letters, photocalls, totems, banners…